How do you get inside the mind of Max?

This is where I got to combine my love of creativity and psychology. With Inside the Mind of Max, we produced a new kind of experience for 2000 of Ford's dealership staff. Ostensibly the brief was to create a training event to showcase Ford's MAX range of vehicles. But we went way beyond that, helping dealers get inside their customers' minds to better understand their real buying motivations.

Taking over an empty aircraft hangar, we designed an event space to reflect the mind of our ideal customer, Max. We then worked with an NLP trainer to create a range of multi-sensory learning sessions. These taught dealers how to use NLP techniques themselves and covered everything from how to start more engaging conversations to the best ways to create excitement about test drives.

I'm still waiting to get hold of a video of this event. In the meantime, here's a trailer and an idea of how the event was designed, including session names.   

Client: Ford
Role: Lead Creative | Concept & copywriting