Hello. I’m Andrew Sewell. But you can call me Andrew. Or Andy. But not Royce. I’ve never forgiven my parents for giving me a secret first name. Anyway, here’s the bit where I bang on about how great I am. I'm going for a condensed life story. Please bear with me.

After graduating from university, I spent some time teaching English, first in Saudi Arabia and then to foreign students in Boston. While in Boston I developed my interest in screenwriting, studying at Harvard University. And from there got a job as a researcher/scriptwriter for a TV business in Los Angeles – working on such memorable shows as ‘The Search for Nazi Gold’ and Roswell Area 51 (think late night Channel 5 documentaries).

After four years in LA, I came back to London to continue developing my writing skills – being shortlisted for the BBC Talent Sitcom award. After being lost in development hell for a number of years, I turned my attention to a more reliable source of writing income – advertising copywriter, specialising in recruitment marketing and employer branding.

In my ten-year career in ‘people comms’, I've worked on every kind of client brief. I'm as much an ideas person as a copywriter and love collaborating with art directors. This year alone, I've won 4 major awards, 2 RADS and 2 CIPDs, including ‘Work of the Year’.

Outside of work, I turned my love of comedy writing into a brief career as a stand up comedian. In a year of 25 gigs – some great, some silent – I achieved my goal of performing at the Edinburgh festival, after reaching the semi-final of Channel 4’s ‘So You Think You’re Funny’ competition.

Creative writer | trainer | coach

Right now, I'm bringing together my experience as a writer, teacher and ex-part-time stand up comedian for the benefit of organisations and individuals. I spend a lot of my time working as a freelance copywriter in agencies and directly for clients. I also deliver creativity training sessions and innovation days. And I'm a building a reputation as a coach, specialising in helping people develop more rewarding careers.